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Sourcing of chemicals

Procurement and sourcing should not be a headache. We see it as one of the most important areas for organizational advantage for our clients.

Our innovative approach and wide product selection allow our clients to focus on what matters most- delivering the best possible care for the patients.

With a comprehensive approach to device selection and utilization, we help our clients eliminate unnecessary product variation and costs.

By combining clinical insights, data, and market intelligence we uncover direct savings opportunities, while at the same time improving the supply process.

We drive efficiency by continuously optimizing our purchasing activities and supply chain management.


Through demand planning, supplier identification, and the development of a comprehensive sourcing strategy, we have a solution that fits our clients’ needs.


At Calcorp, we have established ourselves as leaders in
solutions for the separation of contained substances
in a solid matrix, extracting the piece of interest by
means of reagents that dissolve or transform it into
soluble salts.

We are experts in solutions related to
extractive industry. We offer a full range of
grinding media, sodium cyanide, acid, hydrochloric
among other components that optimize the process of
substance separation.